Why do we get oily skin?


When pores become blocked, due to dirt, stress or health issues such as hormone imbalances, sebum (otherwise known as oil) quickly builds up under the surface of the skin. As the clogged pores are not receiving any oxygen, small colonies of bacteria in skin follicles start spreading, feeding on sebum. These bacteria cause acne.

How do face boutique’s products help get rid of mild acne and blemishes?

There are a number of unique ingredients in face boutique’s products that specifically target the reduction of sebum build up at the same time as reducing redness and inflammation. For instance ‘fresh faced’ moisturiser uses Prebiotics to help reduce breakouts along with zinc-rich Smithsonite. Prebiotics help replace the “good” bacteria in the skin that gets lost due to environmental stresses. In fact they are the latest innovation in skincare and face boutique is one of the leaders in the use of this natural substance. The Smithsonite helps regulates sebum.

Spotless’, face boutique’s blemish gel, combines witch hazel with a few other magic ingredients to help zap spots.

A gentle routine is just as important as the use of gentle products. Regular cleansing with natural products and water is vital. Harsh chemicals just increase the production of sebum which compounds a mild acne problem, so face boutique advocates the use of sustainable, natural ingredients which work by helping the skin help itself.

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